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De Jure Chambers Champions Diversity

We believe there is inherent strength in diversity. This is reflected in our statistics, showcasing the difference of circumstances, religion, and ethnicity in our chambers.


At De Jure Chambers 68% of our employees are female, and the remaining 32% are male. Against the SRA statistics for the legal profession, De Jure Chambers hires a significantly higher percentage of women and of Black, Asian, and mixed ethnicities.[1] The ONS Labour Market Survey shows that 47% of the UK workforce are women.[2]




Most employees at De Jure Chambers are at the beginning of their careers. This makes for an innovative, youthful workplace. We provide an opportunity for them to develop and compare their different ideas that they’ve gathered from each of their own diverse backgrounds. Creating this environment aligns with De Jure Chambers’ core values of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.


We set a standard for inclusivity which we hope to one day see replicated throughout the world. Our goal is to continue providing a platform for diverse talent so they can thrive and begin creating their own heritage within the industry.

Author: James Sharpa

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[1] https://www.sra.org.uk/sra/equality-diversity/key-findings/diverse-legal-profession/



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